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Peace Corps PSA placement

There has been some concern about placement of Peace Corps’ public service announcements (PSAs), so we wanted to thank everyone who has shared their views and provide a little bit of background.

In this tight fiscal environment, Peace Corps doesn’t have the resources to place paid radio advertisements. Instead, we rely on the generous support of media outlets to carry our radio PSAs to help raise awareness of our mission and programs.

Peace Corps PSAs are free and available to the general public – anyone can download them from our website. As part of our effort to encourage the best and brightest Americans to apply for Peace Corps service, we also provide the PSAs free of charge to radio and television stations around the country.

The nature of PSA placement is very different than paid advertising. Since Peace Corps relies on the generous support of media outlets to carry our PSAs, we do not have control over where and when the PSAs are aired in the same way a paid advertiser might.

Individual station managers all over the country make independent decisions about what PSAs to air and when. These station managers might choose a particular PSA because they think it is of interest to their listeners or because a paid advertiser dropped out at the last minute, making space available. Regardless of the reason, it is important to note that these decisions are made locally and independently of any national syndicates. Peace Corps does not work directly with specific shows to place radio PSAs.

With this in mind, we should stress that the airing of Peace Corps PSAs on media programs does not imply support for that program or its spokesperson’s ideologies.

Our goal is to spread the word about Peace Corps and in this tough fiscal environment, we must utilize every tool at our disposal, including radio PSAs.

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  1. Please take your PSAs off the Rush Limbaugh Show. Do you really think his listeners are in your market demo?

    Thank you.