Why did you join the Peace Corps?

We asked these Peace Corps trainees heading to Albania why they joined the Peace Corps. As the first group receiving Let Girls Learn training, Volunteers will work hand-in-hand with communities to expand girls’ access to education. So… why did YOU join the Peace Corps? Ready to start your Peace […]

Don't want your WWS relationship to fade? Take summer slump into account!

What is “Summer Slump”?

Consider the following scenario: A Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) is matched with an American teacher through the World Wise Schools program. She asks her host country students to write letters to the American students.  They work hard, taking care to write them English. Excited, the Volunteer mails the […]


A visit to Incahuasi

Twice in May I traveled to Incahuasi in the mountains of northeast Lambayeque. Peace Corps is considering sending a Volunteer there and asked me to check out the road conditions and the work possibilities for a potential Volunteer. I went with a group from CITE Sipán, a governmental […]


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