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Since President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps in 1961, nearly 220,000 Americans of all ages have served in 140 countries worldwide.

This photo shows me refereeing the first girls soccer game in my village in rural Tanzania on Friday 04 May 2012. The game was between my school and a neighboring school in order to choose the best girls from the schools to move on to further competition with other schools as part of a national sports competition (UMISETA). The other team had uniforms but my girls did not, so many wore the boy's jerseys with their school uniform skirts. A few of the girls were chosen at successive levels of competition and represented their region (akin to a state). This was the beginning of a proud couple of weeks of coaching these girls, with those from other schools, and showing them that they can be soccer players too, not just the boys. We practiced, played, ate, slept, and traveled together. It was a treat to have this closeness with my players in a culture in which adults, especially teachers, are revered and there is a definite gap between us.

Live your goals – on and off the soccer field

Live Your Goals is a slogan of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015. However, “living your goals” is more of a dream than a reality for millions of girls globally. In many countries, obstacles like lack of education, early marriage, gender disparities and scarce access to health facilities stand in the […]

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The poetry of service

The Poetry of Service Excitement ran high one April afternoon— the Peace Corps Poetry Contest was ending soon! As we puzzled over how we’d pick ones to win, your submissions and entries kept flooding in. But stop! Time’s up! It drew to a close. We tallied results and […]

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Serving as an LGBTQ Volunteer altered my outlook

In celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month, Peace Corps Northeast Recruiter Zoe Armstrong discusses how her experience living and working as an LGBTQ Volunteer in the post-Soviet Caucasus region helped to fortify her sexual identity. Zoe served as an NGO Development Specialist for a women’s advocacy center in Southern Armenia […]


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